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Lumiverse is capable of controlling lights through the industry-standard ETC Eos Family consoles and control applications. In order to enable this functionality both Lumiverse and the Eos console need to be configured.

Lumiverse Settings

To enable Eos control you must add an OSC patch. This patch should contain the IP address of the Eos console along with the port that OSC will be sent on and the port that OSC will be received on. The OSC patch's mode should be set to 2 (OscFormat::ETC_EOS). If you are loading the patch from a file, it should look similar to the following:


Eos Settings

The Eos console you are using should have OSC enabled using the TCP format for OSC 1.0. Also make sure the UDP Strings & OSC setting is enabled. After enabling OSC, make sure the Eos console's OSC RX Port Number matches the Lumiverse OSC patch's "port" setting and that the Eos's OSC TX Port Number matches the Lumiverse OSC patch's "inPort" setting. To verify that the board is sending and receiving OSC, open the diagonstics tab and enable OSC logging. This setup works with the ETC Nomad software as well as phyiscal Eos consoles.

Additional Notes

Lumiverse sends a large amount of OSC data to the Eos console, so it's recommended that users create their own update loop using Rig::updateOnce().

If the console is in any non-Live mode, the Lumiverse commands may have unexpected results.